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Organic SEO consulting, working variety of sites, including eco-friendly businesses, dedicated to innovations, geekiness and spiritual evolution. Organic SEO for media, travel sites and organic/green businesses. Run by an avid organic SEO consultant - a "badass" professional named Boris Krumov, aka SeoKungFu. C'est moi !

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Here are a few of my recommendations from my LinkedIn profile, so that you know what others are saying:

"Boris was a fantastic member of our digital team. He is an enthusiastic and diligent worker, who had a strong grasp on the technical issues surrounding strong SEO and Web presence. The most striking thing about working with Boris is the passion he exudes for whatever task he is handling, and his desire to go the extra mile. He always kept an ear to the ground, following the latest SEO trends, and his work paid huge dividends for Project Syndicate's Web presence. I whole-heartedly endorse him and his work." Jan 19 2013

"Boris is incredibly knowledgeable and talented in all things SEO, and the strategies he has implemented have been very successful for our organization. In addition to his regular responsibilities, Boris always goes out of his way to assist in other areas, whether it be with IT solutions or even business development, which truly makes him invaluable. Boris is highly-skilled, personable, and reliable. I can overwhelmingly recommend his services." 12.12.12.

“I've worked with Boris for over a year now and highly recommend him. He approaches his work with a level of enthusiasm and dedication that is a pleasure to behold. He works long hours and is the type of person that enjoys doing so and isn't satisfied with his work until it is perfect. Boris is also the single most technically gifted SEO specialist I have worked with. His impact on Project Syndicate's web presence has been immense. Our traffic has grown exponentially the past year and is on track to continue growing. Boris has optimized our existing sight, implemented a system of monthly in depth reporting, established a training routine for interns so that they help with page ranking, link baiting, social media, etc and overall taken my organizations SEO and Social Media awareness to a completely different level. For all of these reasons and many more I highly recommend Boris.” April 1, 2011

From living closer to the Nature, with less waste, more recycling and having healthy organic food, to following all the technological development in the field - all the new energy sources ( solar, wind, cold fusion etc. ), all the innovations. I'm also deep into quantum physics and IT technologies. Being eco-conscious does not necessarily mean living in a cave, does it ? In fact, natural world is becoming more and more inspiration for advanced, cutting-edge technologies.

And because of that I truly believe that the future is both green and high-tech ! That is why I choose to work as an organic SEO consultant mainly for eco-friendly, ethical entrepreneurs. Thanks for stopping by !

Organic SEO Kung Fu goes beyond the myths and urban legends about how to get on top of Google.

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