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quantum physics reality

Applying basic scientific approach to the field of Organic SEO work without hassle and stress

Selecting the best workflow with the best strategic outlook using the best tactical means within the linear timeframe of consequent changes is where the secret is.

Relax, young Jedi, we will not be delving into hard core math modeling, and neither shall we be operating with physics itself, so there will be nothing shuttering the comfort zone of the perception – rather, we will only introduce and exemplify the usage of quantum physics in the not so mundane realm of Jedi level SEO work. And to additionally ease the shock and stress, we will be only dealing with the very high conceptual level of quantum physics ( QP for short from now on ) – the fact that energy is effectively utilized, absorbed and put to work in strictly quantized, discrete amounts that create the necessary action, shift in states and bring predictable results. We will not yet be touching the topics of superposition, neither discussing non-locality and entanglement, even though they are also applicable, but we will focus on the basic, generic quanta-driven and derived actions and impacts.

Take a breath, young Jedi, we haven’t even started yet. So what does quantum physics mean to tell, and how can we apply that to our field of work ? The question is almost rhetorical: it means to tell us that the energy we put, insert into the system of our efforts has the best and most efficient effect only when applying in the right quantity and the right timespace. Remember, time and space are neither linear, nor limited to three dimensions and their immense continuum is endless, but when related to the pragmatical practice we can use the linear time model in the space where action takes place. You know where that is – the interwebs. To oversimplify the conceptual idea: the  right quanta of actions implemented at the right moment and the proper project phase results in the most and best useful result. All the rest belongs to the hard working amateurs, walking the crowded path of futile, generic template-following sets of actions. But you, young Jedi, have long outgrown that crowd and you do stand out, because your immense intelligence is sharp as a laser beam and your knowledge and awareness control the force. And therefore you don’t approach the battle field other than armed with wisdom, power and exceptional quantum leverage.

To bring that to the core practical implementation, and to apply that sharp knowledge and powerful wisdom to the realms of tangible and substantiated actionable deeds, we need to cross the boundary of the theoretical preparation and jump into the doable context of meaningful conduct. We already introduced the most important fact of applying the essential moves during the most appropriate moments, but that is not all. We have neither shown an example, nor added the extremely important information that subsequently applied energy/activity quantas accelerate the process in a non-linear manner. Let’s bring it down to the essential actions and elements of a web page: the set of applicable components is either a technical ( code segment, markup, logical flow ) or a content-related ( publishing, editing, revisions, change of titles, adding a fragment and multimedia ). Selecting the best workflow with the best strategic outlook using the best tactical means within the linear timeframe of consequent changes is where the secret is.

But then again, this does not reveal the secret fully, nor this is the purpose of this writing. For secrets require to be lived through. We shall guide you to the gate, young Jedi, but will not be the ones to step through the threshold. With devoted and persistent practice, and with fine tuning of your experiences it will reveal itself in its entirety. And the gate in question is to start experimenting with minor changes and their reflection as impact, speed of application – how fast does the bot has noticed the new one compared to the previous, how long it takes for the page that you last edited to get newly cached and how with the increase of speed of bot revisits and intervention precision you can purify and excel in the process of the right quantumizing of efforts and achieve the best leverage of impact.

Keep practicing, young Jedi, and you will notice how with less efforts and less stress, with a well thought-out work and  less and less struggle you will be achieving much more than ever dreamed and expected ! And remember – working hard is unintelligent, stupidity leads to the sufferings of the dark side, for stress is fear in a well recognizable disguise.

And leads to what fear know you !

Use the Force!





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