February 9, 2017 · Organic SEO, SEO copywriting

And so it happened last weeks that words had to become actions and there was a project that required practical usage of the mentioned techniques. At first it looked quite neglected, almost desperately abandoned SEO-wise site, needed a lot of attention and basic improvements. After initial thorough and deeply profound auditing that took a couple of day, there came the moment in time for the initial quanta of actionable force and energy input. Of course, this was the heaviest, hardest and most energy demanding and consuming part, but results didn’t betray and delay us:
and few days later crawling was already serious:

As we can see, initial pulse – precisely quantumized – brought crawling bot attention up to speed and the site’s new structure, improved titles and internal links were set to work in place.

Less than two weeks in and it was ranking for its main phrase on first page !

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